Oversized transport – how is it done?

This transport mode is a frequently used one, characterized by its complexity, being necessary a thorough organization of it. Every aspect must be treated with the utmost care, as every detail can jeopardize the safety of transport, the delivery time, the loading or unloading. The ease with which this service is performed is the result of the expertise of a professional team and rigorous planning.

In order to plan an oversized transport as efficiently as possible, certain steps must be followed and certain factors taken into account. First and foremost, size and weight must be taken into consideration. Depending on these, the necessary means of transport are selected, which allow safe transport. Also taking into account the two aspects, the manner of loading and unloading the goods to be transported is taken into consideration.

A second aspect is the transport route, which is determined by the selected size, weight and means of transport. The optimization of the distance to the customer’s advantage is taken into consideration, taking into account the road restrictions on public roads and the quality of the road, in order to guarantee a timely and safe delivery. In order to establish the route, the necessary authorizations and approvals will be obtained, in accordance with the regulations in force. Euroccoper has a long experience in managing and obtaining oversized transport permits.

When choosing a logistics partner to carry out oversized transport, it must be taken into consideration that this service is an integrated one, and the supplier must ensure the whole process to avoid possible incidents.

The difficulty of this mode of transport also concerns the solutions for loading, securing and unloading the goods to be transported. Our company will provide special equipment in this regard to ensure safety throughout the shipping process.

In Euroccoper, each oversized transport is specially managed by qualified and experienced specialized staff, who provide you with on-going assistance, both in obtaining the necessary permits and in providing a safe service at fair prices.

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Sea transport – accessible for large transports

One of the oldest types of transport, the sea transport, is one of the most affordable methods of transport, due to its large capacity and low costs. It is certainly one of the transport options that has developed and continues to develop today, because it is the most chosen solution for transporting large volumes of goods from overseas countries.

Three important factors are taken into account in sea transport. The first of these is the freight to be transported, which can have smaller, larger or oversized volumes. Both goods and equipment can be transported. The goods are transported in containers, which can be customized according to the volume, and the transport can be carried out in full container load (FCL) mode or in the variant where there is not enough freight volume to load a container, in groupage mode with other goods, LCL (less container load).

A second part is the transport ship. A strong partnership with renowned shipping companies ensures safe and incident-free transport. By opening two working points in the important ports in Romania, we provide our customers with an integrated service, and thus we reach the third important part, namely the port.

Depending on the loading volume of the ships and their size, the entry is allowed into ports depending on the depth of the berths. Considering this aspect, we have developed a working point in Agigea South Port, where the berths with the deepest depth can be found, in order to offer the possibility of transport by industrial ships. Also, the second customs office is located in Constanta North Port.

As Euroccoper’s mission is to provide customers with complete services, warehousing, handling and transhipment services in the free zone , complemented by customs brokerage services, by means of the offices in Agigea South and Constanta North.

The advantages of collaborating with a logistics partner that offers integrated logistics services provide the customer with a service functionality, without interruptions and at fair costs. The integrated supplier ensures the entire shipping process, from special counselling for filling in the necessary documentation, to finding the most efficient transport solution, while ensuring the filling in of customs documents in a short time and anticipating the needs of the customer with transport and storage solutions, to ensure all this under one umbrella.

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Forwarding company – Benefits

When choosing a collaboration with a transport provider, whether it is road transport, sea transport or air transport, the question has often been asked: which one is more efficient? This dilemma arises when each mode of collaboration involves advantages and disadvantages. It is possible to collaborate with a transport company or a forwarding company.

Next we will detail what each work method entails, with advantages and disadvantages. Many customers choose, firstly, to work directly with the carrier, due to slightly lower costs than those of a forwarding office. Disadvantages arise when transport on multiple routes or multiple destinations is required. Most carriers provide one-way transport solutions, and when goods need to be shipped to another destination, another carrier must be found.

The forwarding company, on the other hand, provides complete transport solutions to meet all demands. The collaboration with reliable partners provides safety and fair costs, so as to avoid the risks of delays and / or penalties that may arise due to unexpected situations.

A specific example can be analysed for a transport from China, where, as the case may be, opting for the internal management of the transport, many contracts are needed, from the one for sea transport, to the one for customs brokerage, transhipment of goods, road transport to the destination. It is often much more efficient to work with a forwarding company to avoid the risks of customs blockages, delays or non-liability in cases of non-compliance.
On the other hand, working with a forwarding company that provides integrated services, in this case, involves a Door-to-Door service, which keeps in touch with a single person who has experience in coordinating such projects and who provides specialized counselling, in order to determine the most effective solution. Taking full responsibility is the task of the forwarding company, and any problem is solved quickly and efficiently, being easier, since all services are provided by a single provider.

Beside the forwarding office services, at Euroccoper we provide the rest of the services, from customs brokerage, by means of 20 customs offices, to complete storage services in 4 strategic points: Constanta – Bucharest – Timisoara – Arad and dedicated or palletized distribution services.

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The advantages of air transport

The diversification of transport methods in time has made air transport the fastest method of transport, efficient for perishable goods and valuable goods, for which control, safety and short delivery time are desired. Due to the efficiency of air transport, which has generated affordable costs, this method of transport is chosen by more and more people, to the detriment of maritime or road transport.

For mixed air transport, either mixed airplanes are used, that are also passengers planes, or airplanes intended for freight transport. The development of air transport has led to the use of airplanes with regular transport routes, loaded on a regular basis, with regular traffic or occasional flights. Also, special transport flights can be performed, based on contracts concluded between the beneficiaries of air transport services and the airlines. Take-off and landing shall be performed only on aerodromes authorized for this purpose.

Air transport can be used to achieve maximum efficiency. In order to offer complete transport solutions, we provide customers with quality air transport solutions with a short delivery time. This service is complemented by assistance in filling in transport documents, insurance of goods, customs brokerage services, permanent monitoring of the shipment, as well as their takeover to the final destination by road transport.

Usually, air transport is chosen especially for very long distances, especially when it comes to overseas countries. In order to ensure a safe transport, we have chosen to work only with prestigious partners that will ensure a quality service, with airliners and charter planes, with which we can carry out air transport to favourite destinations around the world.

We want to give our customers confidence in air transport services, both by collaborating with prestigious companies and by ensuring that the goods are completely safe throughout the transport, without the possibility of damage due to turbulence or handling and, of course, also just as important, in order to provide to the customers the certainty of a timely delivery of the goods.

Euroccoper, by its presence with customs brokerage offices, in two of the most important airports, Otopeni and Timisoara, ensures an efficient flow in the air shipping process for the customers.

On our website you will find more information about air, maritime and road transport, thus being able to decide which of them best satisfy your needs , and our sales department is at your disposal for more details and placing orders.